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Party Guidelines
Thank you for deciding to host your party/event at Speedy’s!  While we want all of our customers to enjoy their time at Speedy’s, we do have some guidelines to help ensure the safety of all of our guests and the smooth running of all of our parties and activities.  Please visit http://www.houstonfasttrack.com/house_policies.htm  for our House Rules and Dress Code.  Please visit http://www.houstonfasttrack.com/restrictionsandrequirements.htm for Rules and Restrictions.  For some basic information about our Laser Tag arena please visit http://www.houstonfasttrack.com/lasertag-faq.htm and http://www.houstonfasttrack.com/lasertag.htm . To ensure that we are properly staffed for your party/event we do ask to receive notification of any changes to the number of guests that will be attending your party/event prior to the day of your party/event.  While our Ultimate and Daytime Party Packages do include 20 admissions, additional admissions can be purchased for $15 each provided a minimum of one-day advance notice is given to us.  Day of additional admissions purchased day of the party/event are $20 each. Accommodations will not be able to be made for parties starting 30 minutes or more past their scheduled start time. The party deposit must be made the day of booking the party and will apply towards the balance of the party. As each party likes to run things a little different, it is the responsibility of the host(s)/hostess(es) to pass out arm bands and Player Cards to all of their guests.  As such, beverage and food arrangements are also to be done by the host(s)/hostess(es).  Please do be aware that there are somethings that are not permitted at Speedy’s such as but not limited to alcohol, confetti, silly string, ice sculptures, snow cones and piñatas.  If you are unsure about whether or not to bring an item, please check with us first. In the event of a cancellation/reschedule we ask for one week’s notice before your party/event.  In the event of a cancellation with one week’s notice either a gift card will be issued for the value of the deposit paid to us, or we can hold the deposit and transfer to a future/rescheduled party date.  Please do understand that the ability to reschedule depends upon date/time availability at the time of rebooking. Tables and benches are reserved for 15 minutes before your party starts to allow for set-up.  If for any reason you need to extend your party, please check with us to see if this is possible and for pricing.  Also know that the tables, benches, arm-bands, tickets, go-karts (of all types), laser tag, mini-golf and party issued Players Cards will only be available within  the time frame scheduled for your party.  Again, please see us regarding the possibility of extending if need be. For any desired enhancements to your party (such as upgrading to our Super-karts, for example), please let us know. Free fillable party invitations can be found at http://www.houstonfasttrack.com/invitations.htm for your convenience. Food trucks are only permissible during our Ultimate Party hours.  We appreciate your understanding in all of our procedures and thank you for your cooperation.