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No alcohol in the premises.

No smoking in the premises. No pipe or cigar smoking. No snuff or chewing tobacco. No e-

cigarettes or vapes.

No obscene, profane, offensive, abusive, vulgar, threatening or hostile language or gestures. No


No cell phone use while on the go-karts or in the Laser Tag arena and vesting area.

Secure all loose items while in Laser Tag & while on the go karts. Speedys is not responsible for

lost, stolen or damaged items.

No vandalism, misuse of facility or any disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Please adhere to all

signs, stickers and verbal instructions.

No running, pushing, horseplay, rough housing or climbing in the facility.

No pets other than service animals.

No loitering or solicitation

No broadcasting of music/audio from personal devices.

Regarding photography, filming, and recording:

Absolutely no photography, filming, or recording while riding/driving the go karts or while

playing in the laser tag arena.

No photography, filming, or recording of guests (specifically not in your party/group),

employees, or the facility without their express permission. Please see management for

permission to photograph or film any part of the facility.

Keeping with our family-friendly environment, appropriate attire must be worn at all times.

Clothes, jewelry, and other accessories that contain suggestive, inappropriate,

profane, offensive, expletives, obscene, or vulgar slogans or images, or advertise illegal

products are not permitted.

No clothing or accessories intended to represent gang affiliation.

Clothing must be worn so as to not expose underwear.

No shoes with wheels (no Heely’s or skate shoes)

Persons wearing torn or soiled clothing will be admitted at the discretion of management.